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Finally... proven systems designed for Female Financial Advisors to help you MAKE MORE MONEY consistently, without chasing people or feeling like a sleazy sales person.
With This Book, You Will Learn:
  • ​How to have a WINNING MINDSET (& get out of your own way) without having to shift "limiting beliefs."
  • ​How to get CLEAR about your ideal client and market your message so effectively, that they’re preconditioned to want to work with you.
  • ​How to DRIVE qualified leads to take FAST ACTION, so you can stop wasting time “chasing” prospects.
  • ​How to SELL without being “salesy” and communicate in a respectful, loving, and empowering way, that provides ore value in the process.
  •  How to CREATE, PACKAGE, and POSITION HIGH TICKET irresistible offers, so you can earn more money in less time, with less effort & less stress.
Forward written by Mel Robbins, International Best Selling Author & Most Booked Female Speaker in the World!
(With $18,000,000 TEDx Talk Views)
Mel Robbins
"Robyn means business. There's no one better to teach you how to break through your limiting beliefs, grow your business and improve the lives of others—all at the same time. 

What I love is that this book is 100% real.

At its core, this is a book about improving your life."
What People Are Saying About This
International Best Selling Book!

Honest, vulnerable, real. I love how Robyn uses personal stories to illustrate how making more money is not a BAD thing. I finished the book feeling empowered but most importantly she talks about how someone can do it.

-Lisa Chastain

As a female Financial Advisor, this book really resonated with me. Robyn has very clear ideas and strategies and communicates them in a way that make sense and is actionable. Recommended reading!

-Suzanne Bays

OMGosh - hands down a must read. If you're a service based biz that has ever struggled with getting leads, sales conversion or pricing your services, this book provides no fluff, actionable content. 

-Debra Angilletta
This Book Will Help You:
Attract Ideal Clients, Close More Sales & Increase Your Reveune...
so you can make an even BIGGER IMPACT! 
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If you've ever wondered how to get more quality appointments and close more sales—the WOMAN’s WAY—this book is for you.
Praise About The Book
Here's Why I Wrote This Book
"How I went from $500 to $500,000/yr in 2 years, to over $1M year after year!"
In 2015, I was struggling.

I was fedup, frustrated and I felt like a fraud

And my finances?... Things were getting scary.

EXAMPLE: In 2015, I only made $500 - total.
(In my coaching business.)

I felt like a total failure.

I had no idea how to get LEADS, or how to STAND-OUT out from the competition, or how to CLOSE sales. 

I felt like a fraud because I was supposed to be helping people get wealthy but I was not wealthy myself.  

After several attempts to learn to grow my business by investing in seminars and "inexpensive" coaches, I finally hired the right coach. 
Though he was "expensive," his coaching cost me NOTHING, because my business skyrocketed.

With his mentoring, specific step-by-step strategies, plus the support of an amazing community, I hit 6-figures the following year and wiped ALL my debt...

While, I certainly didn't become "a success" overnight - it felt like it.

In 2017, my yearly income went up to $500,000.

Since then, I've more than doubled my income several times over, and now run a 7-figure/year business.

But better than that, I've now helped THOUSANDS of female financial advisors create similar and often faster results than I achieved.

One of the things I'm most proud of, is paying-it-forward, and being a great coach/mentor, who helps her clients create REAL financial results - that make a difference.

I hope you enjoy this book, and consider joining our incredible community of like-minded women who are breaking through personal, professional, and financial barriers  - even faster than I did!

This book is my GIFT to you, to show you what worked for me, and has now helped hundreds of women - just like you - create incredible results.

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Inside The Book...
This isn’t a thin eBook or glorified pamphlet. 
It’ no-fluff content and real-world GET-IT-DONE knowledge, including:
  • ​How Ginny made $93,807 in ONE MONTH, merely six months after her worst financial month in history and taking out a $40,000 loan to float her business ... Page 8 
  • ​I debunk the MYTH that "charging high fees isn't nice or fair to people " and how in fact, the OPPOSITE is often true and even BETTER for your clients... Page 30
  • ​How Denise made $6,000,000 and was able to make an even GREATER IMPACT becasue of it — including donating $50,000 in a heartbeat to help underpriviledged children ... Page 47
  • ​Understanding the "Compouding Effect" of your VALUE, so never have to worry about money again ... Page 58
  • ​The #1 Thing you must invest in, so you can create RAPID RESULTS like Lisa, who went from -$300/m to $40K in 6 months ... Page 66
  • ​How to shift your mindset around SALES so you can provide more VALUE and make a BIGGER DIFFERENCE in the world ... Page 91
  •  The key to unleashing your motivation by using the BELIEF LOAN PHENOMENON™ principle, so you take IMMEDIATE ACTION and get FAST RESULTS ... Page 98
  • ​The 3 ESSENTIAL BELIEFS OF SELLING that you MUST have, so you can positively infuence others and help them get what they want ... Page 121
  • ​How to identify your target market and ATTRACT QUALIFIED LEADS who feel like "you totally get them" and are seeking YOU out, instead of you chasing them… Page 145
  • ​Understanding how to use the "Audio Logo" — an DETAILED FRAMEWORK with specific and effective language to replace your "elevator pitch," so you STAND OUT and get THE RIGHT people interested in working with you … Page 161
  • EXACT SCRIPTS on what to say as part of the "Awesome Funnel," in order to DRIVE PROSPECTS to take action FAST, so you don't waste time on the tirekickers or spend hours and hours (or even months!) chasing prospects ... Page 175
  • Step-by-Step Guidelines on how to create an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, so you can increase your fees like Allison did (going from $200/hr to $1000/hr) — all while creating even greater transformation for your clients ... Page 193
  • The FCC Sales System™ Template and strategy to CONVERT prospects into clients in the first meeting... Page 219
  • ​The 3 elements to getting UNSTUCK and out of "THE SWAMP," so you can reach greater fulfillment and success... Page 250
  • PLUS… much, much more...
Real Results From The Book!
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